Agricultural Day

Glenbervie School 2023 Agricultural Day will be held on Saturday, 23rd September.

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Each year a special highlight of the Glenbervie School calendar is Agricultural Day.  We consider it important for several reasons.  It is part of being in a rural school and the Board and Staff are committed to keeping the rural character of the school.  Ag Day is a school day and very much part of the curriculum.  It will be held on the last Thursday of term so we can get the maximum participation from children and community members.

One of the significant aspects of Ag Day is animal handling, where the children bring a pet lamb, calf or goat that they have reared, to parade and compete in various classes.

 The Board and the school community wish to encourage as many families as possible to enter an animal for Ag Day. If you have not considered keeping an animal, or have thought about it briefly and felt daunted by the prospect, we invite you to take a moment to read on.

Rearing an animal is a wonderful experience for a child and is a focus for their learning and development.  They will learn how to care for their animal and train it.  They will learn personal skills such as commitment, time management, and patience.  This can be a greatly rewarding experience for the child, seeing their animal respond to the care and attention they give it.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on rearing a calf or lamb. 

The school offers a great deal of support to animal handlers:


Animal Handlers

Extra Information

Rearing/ Handling a Calf


 Day to day care:

Weekly Care

Preparing your calf for Calf Club day



This is when the judge checks that you have spent time with the calf. You will be asked you questions about the care of your calf. The judge wants to hear that you have been the main carer for your calf. If you are not sure about something don’t make it up!

 You need to know about:


Calves should be brushed (a nail brush is fine) to remove old stray hairs, then washed and shampooed with a mild soap seven days before Calf Club day.


Calves are judged in three categories:


What to bring on the AG DAY

Rearing/ Handling a Lamb

Day to day care:

Weekly/ general care

Preparing the lamb for Ag Day



This is when the judge checks that you have spent time with the animal. They will ask you questions about how you have cared for your lamb. You need to know about:

How you keep your lamb clean (ears, between legs, mouth… BUT not washing it!!) 


What to bring on the AG DAY